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اريــد صـديـقه يـحـمل حـظآ سـيـئآ كـ حـظي  نحـكي خـيبـاتـنا سـويـآ وفـّي نـهـايـة الـحديـث نـبكـي ضـاحكـين لـحـظـنـا الـعـاثـر .~/

is Radio, rediscovered - a haunted house pretending to be a woman () by pennydreadful in Alexandria

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You have never seen your true beauty. There is so much more to you than what you see in the mirror or in pictures. Understand that.

Rosalie's updos are often very messy, with chunks of hair slipping out when she puts it up, and the whole falling apart before midday. She is constantly brushing locks of hair out of her face.