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there are many different colored pencils in the package and one has a name tag on it
Student Gift Tags for Bubble Wand | You blew me away | Editable
You blew me away – Bubble Wand Student Gift Tags are perfect if you are planning on giving your students bubble wands as an end of year / semester / term / week gift. With multiple versions to chose from, these tags offer cute personalisation to your Student Gift Bubble Wands! INCLUDES: Tags that say 'You totally blew me away this year!' (or week, term, semester) Tags that say 'You totally blew us away this year!' (or week, term, semester) - fort teachers that share a class. 4 designs to choose
a jar filled with lots of different colored paper and some words on the label that says love jars for mother's day
Love Jars For Mother's Day
This DIY craft is perfect for students celebrating any holiday like Mother's Day in the elementary classroom! It engages students and creates a beautiful keepsake craft!