Guest Post: 5 Celebrity Trends To Red Carpet Looks

A little embarrassed that I am pinning a Kardashian. but I love the hot pink lip. Kim Kardashian: Isnt She Pretty In Pink?

Solid foundations for acne prone skin

Taking healthy diet has positive impacts on your body including skin. There is an old saying that states “you are what you eat”. When you supply essential nutrients to your body, it has a dramatic effect on health.

Best Mineral Foundation

A guide to the best mineral foundations available including our top recommendations.

Best Hand and Face Moisturizers

SkincareHQ provides skin care and dermatology analysis presented in an interesting and easy to read format.

A word on TimeWise foundation for oily skin

Why I'm putting my name behind TimeWise by Mary Kay if you're looking for a foundation and have oily skin.

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