Shes Broken, Hes Ok broken heartbroken ok sad quotes instagram instagram pictures instagram graphics instagram quotes lied believed

My ex and me he told me the truth that he lied so it wouldn't hurt as much, now I'm completely torn and he's okay.


Playing scrabble and board games at home. Drinking coffee or hot tea or cocoa. Mmm how I miss the fall.

I love the 3am version of people. Vulnerable. Honest. Real.

I love the version of people. The most honest person I knew. I miss those talks so much.what I would give for one more 3 in the am talks.

Eckhart Tolle ~ Some days are harder than others. #hormones but it's a nice reminder for long term goals and current situations.

He wanted the drama that came with the attention he craved because of his emotional immaturity. I let go because I wanted peace without drama. Funny Pics -

Yes, it is a wonderful and very romantic idea. "Men ~ take note. Very romantic idea. If you don't know if she has the dress you want her to wear, buy her one and make sure it's a stretchy fabric so that you have a better chance at getting her right size.

I changed my mind. Don't ever call me again.  I met a beautiful guy today who is everything you're not: intelligent, attractive, classy, ambitious, trustworthy, considerate, polite & funny. You lack all those things and more. Why I wasted my time with a two-bit whore I'll never know. You deserve your miserable life. I now have substantial evidence you have BB (receptive & penetrative) for over a year. I have testimonials. How could you be so cavalier with my well-being? You are  despicable

You wouldn't have lied! You wouldn't have played with my fucking heart. I gave you a part of me and you watched it drop.