Claudia Costea

Claudia Costea
I love to keep up to date with all the latest news from the art field and to be aware with all the important cultural events.
Claudia Costea
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Summer breeze

Summer breeze with my personalized rock and a bare foot; materials used: fimo, oil colors, rock. Hot summer days remembrance for the coldest days.

Wildest look

Wildest look is a study after an imaginary face painting of a girl. This work suggest the idea of the wildest look of a feline .

Fishing rocks

Fishing rocks working technique: Collage of photos with painted rocks and digital retouching/painting. I've always been passionate about painting the stones and transforming them into amusing characters

Tempting to possess

Tempting to possess


Description: Colibri in Celeste's hair

Everlasting beauty

Digital painting-The way I see the beauty of nature.