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DIY Wall Panelling Tutorial - Home Office Makeover
DIY Wall Panelling Tutorial ⬇️ Budget Home Office Makeover Step 1 – Mark your measurements. Use a spirit ruler & pencil to mark on your walls where you want your panelling to sit. You can use tape to better visualise this. I recommend having at least 10cm around each box. Step 2 – Cut the dado rail to the same width as your walls - you can get this done for free at B&Q (first 5 cuts are free) or do it yourself using a hand saw. Step 3 – Start glueing. Begin with the dado rail first, apply instant grab adhesive in a zig zag pattern on the back and then simply stick it to the wall. Using a spirit level to make sure it straight. Using the dado rail as a guide, continue with sticking the rest of the mound to your walls. Step 4 – Apply caulk around the panels for a seamless and smooth f