Heart disease is heartless - YouTube

"A chilling reminder that we are all mere mortals" FILM: Heart Disease Is Heartless: Classroom - British Heart Foundation Brand: British Heart Foundation Agency: DLKW Lowe, London (UK) Director: Tom Tagholm Production Company: Park Pictures

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital raises funds for toys, healing gardens and activities for the children who stay at the hospital e.

NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut

NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut - Insight: When a child is free from abuse they're able to have dreams again. - Idea: An abused kid tells about how the NSPCC helped him while you see his dreams for the future.

The Man and The Dog - FATH. tear jerker but so good. I just love dogs

Mother's Day get added value with these superheroes - Osocio

Vroom's Poignant Mother's Day Film Depicts Caregivers As the Superheroes They Really Are

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