Heart disease is heartless - YouTube

"A chilling reminder that we are all mere mortals" FILM: Heart Disease Is Heartless: Classroom - British Heart Foundation Brand: British Heart Foundation Agency: DLKW Lowe, London (UK) Director: Tom Tagholm Production Company: Park Pictures

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital raises funds for toys, healing gardens and activities for the children who stay at the hospital e.

Nature Conservancy - Our Scientists Say Thanks

Our Scientists Say Thanks The Nature Conservancy

The homeless read mean tweets. - YouTube

Homeless Canadians brought to tears by the mean things people say about them - Trending - CBC News

NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut

NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut - Insight: When a child is free from abuse they're able to have dreams again. - Idea: An abused kid tells about how the NSPCC helped him while you see his dreams for the future.

We wanted to know if sharing is natural. Action Against Hunger conducted an experiment in Madrid, Spain, to study human behavior when faced with the injustice of hunger. Of the 20 children under study, all 20 shared their food.  In a world that produces more than enough food to feed everyone, 3.5 million children still die from malnutrition-related causes every year. We should learn from them and share too.

How to raise a selfless child [VIDEO]

Habitat For Humanity 'Man Barrow' Commercial - YouTube

Habitat For Humanity 'Man Barrow' Commercial

The Man and The Dog - FATH. tear jerker but so good.

Mother's Day get added value with these superheroes - Osocio

Vroom's Poignant Mother's Day Film Depicts Caregivers As the Superheroes They Really Are

Save The Children video achieves hard hitting impact.

The environmental challenges facing our country and our planet are real and imminent, but there are solutions - and it all starts with the law.

From food bank client to support worker: Martha Gutierrez’s remarkable Red Cross journey

From food bank client to support worker: Martha Gutierrez’s remarkable Red Cross journey