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ik it sounds stupid but i really wanna learn to skate cause ive always wanted to learn an ollie, kickflip, 360 etc . if you know a pro plz contact me i really really wanna learn

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Nothing like the brisk morning air on a chair lift, yesterday morning on the hills ~ Like a dream.

Aaaaaaah Best feeling, first on the slopes, the sound of the crunch, no one around and the smooth feeling.... Heaven

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Black Slope, Pamporovo Winter Resort, Bulgaria (by Evgeni Dinev) I wanna ski in my year off

Highway to Heaven, haha i thought people only fall like this in the movie grind

Photo by Dave Lehl Andy Orley flies off his skateboard while skating down the famous Forest Gump road in Monument Valley, UT.

Couple in Snowshoe, West Virginia

30 Ways to Work Winter into Your Engagement Shoot

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This time last year we got a storm! Crossing my fingers for early season snow ❄️ Kislevitz Mountain // .