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Tres bien!

I forgot his name ಠ_ಠ Meh f that look how cute he is *at least lookin like some gorgeous weirdo (^_^;


My teacher asked this today and I just randomly started singing unravel hehe I'm a nerd<<Same my math substitute once asked this mad I said "Oshete Oshete" in the back and he pointed at me and said "Passed"

Uncensored... much better! :3

I never that there would be that much gore in the uncensored version.

"T-Touka-chaan, yamettee yo.."

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Haise Sasaki

I want there to be a game like Ace Attorney, but instead of Phoenix Wright, the main character is Sasaki Haise.admit it; you've never thought of it, but now that you have, YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE.

I bet Tsukiyama's suffering right now

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