Zika virus, a tropical disease that knows no borders

The mosquito transmitted disease is causing birth complications with global implications.

Negative thoughts bad for you, good for Alzheimer

See How Many Of These 13 Super Disturbing You Can Read Before Turning Back

Optic disc drusen http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/optic-disc-drusen-5-4-2013/

Optic disc drusen http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/optic-disc-drusen-5-4-2013/

Primum non nocere http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/primum-non-nocere-3-3-2013/

Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of the project “Weird Beauty”. Model is Alexandra Romanova and make-up artist is Valeriya Kutsan.

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Tough Choices: How Making Decisions Tires Your Brain - Scientific American

Cancer: Introduction, Part II  http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/-cancer-introduction-part-ii/

Effective Cancer Treatment with Popular Cuban Homeopathic Drug Vidatox

Need to boost your memory? Go to sleep

Inherited Sleep, Activity Measures Linked To Bipolar Disorder: Study

Government urges Americans to limit sugar to 10% of daily calories

Government urges Americans to limit sugar to of daily calories

The Cook Islands has the highest levels of obesity in the world

cording to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) figures, percent of Cook Islanders are obese, as are 45 percent of the inhabitants of Palau and Nauru and 43 percent of those of Samoa, Tonga and Niue.

USA patients receive more pain medication, yet report worse pain

Scientific studies confirm that a placebo can genuinely benefit a person's health. But the "nocebo effect" creates expectations of harm, which can lead to seriously negative health consequences.

Injuries from high heels doubled

you are one of those who steps out in heels frequently, you may want to change your habit as a new study shows that injuries related to high heels have doubled in a decade.

Make a deal with your will and lose weight http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/make-a-deal-with-your-will-and-lose-weight/

Yoga for complete beginners. 20 minute gentle yoga class to give you greater relaxation, more energy and joy. Relaxation pose and crocodile poses to relax th.

The loop of obesity http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/-the-loop-of-obesity/

The loop of obesity http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/-the-loop-of-obesity/

Learn about nerves http://www.poandpo.com/in-sickness-and-health/learn-about-nerves/

Caused by the same virus behind chickenpox, shingles is a painful nerve root…

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Recent tests have shown that preemptive hip MRI scans can detect problems with defective Metal-on-Metal hip implants before the effects become too serious.