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clic ! C'est dans la boîte…

pencil drawing of cat & butterfly

clic ! C'est dans la boîte…

pencil drawing of cat & butterfly


Light as feather! The egyptians believed that in order to get to their ideal aferlife your heart had to be light as feather when weighed against the weight of your deeds.Feathers are near Angels appear!

Magnifique oiseau

The bird has mastered water bending

A blue jay is using a birch wood pile for a resting place in front of a blackberry bush in its autumnal shades - Jerry Gadamus print BLACKBERRY BLUE.

Morning is here, time to get up.

Lilac Fronted Roller, beautiful gradation of colors

Ile- de- France

Are you a beach bunny or a mountain goat? Take this fun quiz to find out! / id guess im a mountain goat wearing board shorts

Rêve de voie lactée.........

Night Sky: { Promise } x Katsuma Narisawa

Looks more serene than RIDING off into the sunset!  Gotta get me a boat!

Healing ensues from the willingness to accept the power of mind, and the willingness to never allow the mind to say something negative without challenging it and replacing it with a positive thought. Hawkins (Image: GÜNEŞE YOLCULUK - By Ayşe Tem

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