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Harry Styles appeared in a hurry to return home as he made a quick dash through LAX airport, in Los Angeles, on Wednesday.

Harry Styles

okay, guys in bandanas are way cuter than beanies and hats. i thought i liked beanies until i saw harry wearing a bandana:)

The 36 Greatest Moments From One Direction's "Midnight Memories" Video

I remember watching this video with my best friend Erin. In a biology class. And the whole class didn't realize that we weren't watching just a band. We were watching the loves of our life.

Harry Styles - 8.13.14

You ever notice how the boys sing about fire but they always play with water?

Captions just aren't necessary for pictures of Harry Styles. -E

"There are Two Sides to Everyone. (A Marcel Fanfiction)" by - "This is about two best friends, Samantha (Sam) Stephens and Marcel Styles. Sam one day goes to her b…"