What Seemed Impossible: Human Impact

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an image of some people in front of the sky with mountains and clouds behind them
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Humans keep sharing their good medicine, even when other humans have tried to stamp it out.
two children are sitting in front of a mud house with a cow standing next to them
OLPC to Air-Drop Laptops to the World's Poorest Children | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World
Humans connect under any circumstances
an older man and woman sitting next to each other in chairs smiling at each other
To Do: Fall in Love Today
Humans embark on new adventures
Humans restore health to children Health, Take Action, Baby Face, Human
Humans restore health to children
two men are working on the framing of a house
Humans restore shelter
a man kneeling down to plant a tree in the dirt with his hands on it
Humans restore forests