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an image of a map that looks like it has been made in minecraft and is very detailed
Village surrounded by wooded mountains inside e plains! Java 1.16.3 45721884739527 Cords: -796, -1804 - iFunny
two pieces of watermelon with the caption eye test if you see this watermelon as you're a normal person you're a bit odd
If you see this watermelon as: Youre angry Green You're sick You feel like you have no purpose on life and are just Blue = searching for somone to love you the way you love h them - iFunny
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This is so true and if you really wanna change something about yourself go for it and look at opinions but don’t let it bother you to do something!
an info sheet shows the steps to making sandwiches
I like my anarchy green
cartoon characters with caption that says it's time to learn how to use the internet
Introverts alone Introverts online Introverts in their imagination - iFunny