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Is the cure to male loneliness becoming unrecognisably huge af and strong
Amazing technique shown by this Muay Thai coach!
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для сильного удара
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It's not over until I win! I'll never give up, no matter what, bear it in mind. Hope lives as long as we do.
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Чем больше шкаф, тем громче падает. #новости #intnewst #приколы #news #юмор #знаменитости #животные #технологии #происшествия
Zabit on his way in MMA
He didn't get even little part of the glory he deserved! There in the cage Habit showed the balance between striking and wrestling , then Khabib was a wrestler mainly
Umar Nurmagomedov leg kicks
Umar works out leg kicks with pads, March 2023
Legendary American wrestler Path Smith on Caucasian monster: this hands, this movements
Caucasian Saitiev made absolutely shocking record - 3, yes 3 gold olimpic medals. He wasn't big for his weight but was smart, and strong. Satiev dedicated his life to wrestling and was real Muslim he never, ever allowed to himself inappropriate behaviour regarding his opponents. In times of thriving trash talking his behaviour worth for attention even more.
The future MMA legend - Yoel Romero is being schooled by Caucasian phenom
Sydney Olympic Games, the future superstar of UFC is being schooled at final bout by Caucasian wrestler - Adam Saitiev. Far Yoley became MMA superstar Saitiev got injured and now teaches kids in mountain villages and helps her mother to milk her cows#mma #wrestling