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an old painting with a woman holding a wand and a skull on the table next to it
Transverberation of the heart of St. Teresa
Padre Pío 
Padre Pío y los estigmas 
Padre Pío y sus sufrimientos 
Padre Pío santo Jesus Christ, Antonio Mora Artwork, Jesus Cristo, San Francesco, Jesus, Christian Art, Christian Paintings
También la Corona de Espinas
Ahora sé lo que has tratado de decirme, Padre Pío. La Corona de Espinas es el tormento del alma por Amor.
a painting of a man holding a child in his arms with an open book beside him
a painting of the immaculate mary surrounded by small children and doves, with flowers in her hand
an old painting shows children dressed in white and wearing red, standing near other people
a painting of a man holding a sheep in his arms and wearing a red cape
Michele Desubleo, Saint John the Baptist
an image of the crucifixion with jesus and other people around it
a painting of a man holding a child
st joann's evad with an eagle in his hand and the words st joann's evad on it