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an octopus made out of purple ribbon is on the floor next to a wall with a door
an instagram page with pictures and text on the bottom right corner, including images of corals
an underwater scene with fish, octopuses and other things in the water on display
What to Save for SCUBA VBS
What to Save for SCUBA VBS - Group VBS Tools
an info sheet describing the different types of sea animals and how they interact with each other
Scuba Easy VBS 2024 | Group Vacation Bible School
At Scuba Vacation Bible School, one memorable Bible Point is reinforced throughout each station, each day—making it easy for kids to remember and apply in real life.
an arrangement of fake corals and seaweed in front of a fire place with a fireplace
Coral reef
a cardboard box sitting on the floor surrounded by green hoses
DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed - Party, Under the Sea, Beach
DIY Pool Noodle Coral Reef Seaweed - Party, Under the Sea, Beach
this is an image of paper flowers made out of crafting materials that look like coral reef
Pool Noodle Coral Reef Craft
Pool noodle coral reef craft for an under the sea party with kids!
some fake flowers and other items on a table
Planning Playtime (planningplaytim) | Official Pinterest account
Pool noodle coral made by slicing noodle and adding long triangular slivers of noodles with cool melt glue gun
the process of making carrots is being cut into strips and placed on a cutting board
DIY Mermaid Party Decor | Alpha Mom
DIY Mermaid Party Decor and Tablescape idea (making "coral reef noodles") by Brenda Ponnay for Alphamom.com