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two cats sitting on the floor in front of an open window looking out onto a garden
The Visual Vamp
a patio area with chairs and tables next to a house
Interiors — Gillian Stevens
an outdoor dining area with wicker chairs and table covered in potted plants, surrounded by greenery
Maison de famille - Traditional - House Exterior - Marseille - by Bosc Architectes | Houzz UK
an outdoor table and chairs on a wooden deck in front of a door that leads out to a wooded area
© Atelier Flont- Roses & Other seasons
a small building with a bench in front of it and lots of bushes around it
an aerial view of a patio with potted plants and trees in the back ground
7 Decor Looks for an Inviting Summer Patio and Backyard
a room filled with lots of potted plants next to an open window on the wall
Photo Journal: France