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Book cover job for Libbie Hawker's 'The She-King' series - Book The Sekhmet Bed Thanks for looking! The Sekhmet Bed

Pharaoh Ramses from Prince of Egypt. His pride led to his downfall. Not unlike our dear vicomte.

seshnu: “Kiya Kiya was a secondary wife of pharaoh Akhentaten. Little is known about her, since she disappears from the historical record during the second half of Akhenaten’s reign and most of her.

Disney should totally have an ancient Egyptian princess! It would be a dream come true! I love ancient Egypt! And they should also have a greek or roman princes that would be awesome!

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Nefertiti reconstructed in digital by Sven Geruschkat, who says: Nefertiti lived was the wife of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). She was co-regent, bore 6 daughters and died at Her name roughly translates to "the beautiful (or perfect) one has arrived".

done by Hathor is my top fav egyptian goddess! Originally submitted here: [link] Enjoy Hathor