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There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.

There are some amazing, natural oils out there for your skin. Some like acai oil provide anti-aging benefits while ones like coconut oil are great for moisturizing. Carrot seed oil helps with cell …

make your own turmeric mask

It turns out, this yellow spice condiment is not just widely used for cooking, but it is commonly used in many forms of skincare treatment too! Achieve clear, bright and acne-free skin with this DIY Facial Turmeric Mask. See video and written instructions

Many people have asked me how to get rid of Acne Scars using Natural remedies

There are various natural remedies which one can apply according to their desire to remove the acne scars left behind.


God Has a Plan for Your Life. The Enemy Has a Plan for Your Life. Be Ready for Both. Just Be Wise Enough to Know Which One to Battle and Which One to Embrace. † [& the battle belongs to the Lord which He already won at the cross].