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a girl with pink hair holding a wand
Dont call me Nymphadora
two people sitting on a ledge with a birdcage in their hand and another person standing next to them
Remus, Sirius and Harry
a drawing of a woman dressed in black holding a wand
Bella - ���������� ��������� - HPArt
Bellatrix - Беллатриса Лестрендж
a cartoon character is playing with a cat on the table next to an open book
Harry Potter: 10 Fan Art Pieces With A Diverse Cast
a drawing of a woman with tattoos holding her hands up to the side and looking at something
12.2 mil curtidas, 59 comentários - Fuki/Fukari (@makabrotka) no Instagram: “💙You’re just as sane as I am💙 . Oh I didn’t planned to draw more characters but I coudn’t resist…”
a drawing of a girl holding an orange cat in her arms and looking at the camera
some cartoon characters are sitting on top of each other and one is reading a book
if I am silent, then I am not real
a woman is petting a horse's head in front of a purple background
Draco Black e a Ordem da Fênix - 6
Animaux, Ilustrasi
luna lovegood