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Arthur and Merlin awwww they care so much :3

At this moment I always thought "Now he knows, Arthur knows and he's fine with it oh yeah lots of love" but actually we always get back to Oblivious Arthur memes for a reason

Favourite picture. Ever.

Oh gosh. seasons first being afraid to admit to Merlin just how important he is to him

Merlin, "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" / No lie. I think of Merlin every time I hear this song and my heart breaks.

TANK GOODNESS he knows... Gosh, I thought that day would never come

Arthur does know it and all Merlin wanted to do was get his magic back so he could save Arthur!<<<< I feel like Arthur never even considered making Merlon a knight because he didn't want Merlin to get hurt

Gotta stop doing this to myself....

If you just listen to it then it sounds like merlin is talking about his boyfriend with his mother. Like 'if he doesnt accept me for who i am' they are such a couple. But maybe they even are a real couple.

the fact that he was dying and still insisted he go with Arthur. Perfect.

Missing Merlin ‏ - " let's start the day with heartbreak, teary eyes and hurting hearts. The emotions in Arthur's face are so visible.