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the night sky is filled with stars
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renamonkalou: The core of our galaxy | Luigi Masella
an image of the inside of a star cluster with many colors and stars in it
Galaxy Space Universe RePinned By: Live Wild Be Free www.livewildbefree.com Cruelty Free Lifestyle & Beauty Blog. Twitter & Instagram @livewild_befree Facebook http://facebook.com/livewildbefree
the sky is filled with stars and clouds
Geniales imágenes largas... pasa o morire....
Geniales imágenes largas... pasa o morire.... - Taringa!
a purple and green area with white speckles in the center on a wooden floor
My own galaxy painting :) Using purple, teal blue, white, silver, black, and dark pink acrylic paint and a regular sponge.
an image of some very pretty stars in the sky with purple and blue colors on it
"Small magellanic cloud This Small Magellic Cloud is considered as a dwarf irregular galaxy. It has a diameter of about 7,000 light-years and contains several hundred million stars. This cloud is very small compared to the Milky Way, our 100,000 light years galaxy" A dwarf galaxy by NASA via Hubblesite (quote) via bt-images.net
an image of the galactic sky with stars and planets in it, as well as some bright colors
Trifid Nebula NGC 6514 Nebula | #perspicacityparty #cosmicwonderland
the sky is filled with many different colored stars
Carina Nebula star system picture. #starsystem #space Please like http://www.facebook.com/RagDollMagazine and follow Rag Doll on pinterest and @RagDollMagBlog @priscillacita https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/rag-doll-13744543 subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CB-g60FwQ4U1sJ3ur-Bug/feed?
an image of a bed with purple and blue space in the sheets on top of it
Tutorial : Galaxy Ice Dye Wrap
Dah lama sebenarnya simpan cita-cita nak dye wrap sendiri. Akhirnya berani jugak buat. Selama ni asyik google je macam-macam tutorial. Ta...
a close up view of an area that looks like it is covered in many different colors
Ice dyed galaxy woven wrap
Starting from the beginning: fabric used-linen blend from joann dye used-dylon from joann other supplies- salt, soda ash/ washing soda, glue, gloves, bucket, tray, ice After washing my fabric a few…
the folded cloth is laying on the wooden floor
Purple/Lime grad dye
a purple and blue blanket draped over a wooden chair
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Baby Wrap Carrier in WOVEN Cotton GauzeTIE DYE by Bibetts on Etsy, $37.00
four pictures of different colored towels on display
Love this combo!