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In the time I've travelled I've learned a few practical things. Here are three random travel tips for your next trip
Travel Trailer Camping Tips: How To Pack For Your First Trip
How To Visit Japan On A Budget


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the top ten hotels in thailand with names and pictures for each room, including an over - sized swimming pool
10 Best Honeymoon Resorts in Thailand
If you are planning a honeymoon in Thailand, here are 10 fabulous resorts that are romantic, beautiful and strategically located all over the most beautiful places in Thailand. Click to see the full list and start planning the most unforgettable trip to Thailand now. #Thailand
a woman climbing up the side of a tree with text that reads, these awesome destinations for
20 Unexpectedly Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers
These awesome destinations for solo female travelers will surprise you! I have traveled solo to these places, some of which are famed as "honeymoon destinations", but I managed to have just as much fun being a solo traveler in these places. This post brea
Planning a trip to San José, Costa Rica? We rounded up the best hotels in the area to make sure that your San José holiday comes with the most comfortable stay. #SanJosé
The 9 Best Hotels in San José, Costa Rica
Planning a trip to San José, Costa Rica? We rounded up the best hotels in the area to make sure that your San José holiday comes with the most comfortable stay. #SanJosé
the world's most famous destinations info
25 Unexpectedly Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers
25 of the very best destinations for solo female travelers of different travel styles. From the safest cities to the most adventurous spots, this list has something for all women planning to travel alone. #SoloFemaleTravel
a green and blue poster with information about the different things to see in uzbekistan on it
The Perfect Uzbekistan 10-Day Itinerary
The ideal Uzbekistan itinerary for 10 days and more. Best things to do in each area, restaurants and hotels recommendations plus best guided tours to help you plan a unique and unforgettable holiday in Uzbekistan. #Uzbekistan
there are three pictures with the words mantoba on them and an image of a boat in the water
7 Gorgeous Reasons to Visit Manitoba
7 reasons you should visit Manitoba, Canada. From adventure in Churchill (the polar bear capital of the world!) to serenity in Nopiming National Park, you won't regret visiting this beautiful, wild, lesser-known province of Canada. Travel in North America
the best places for solo - female travelers in southeast asia info graphic by travelplan com
25 Unexpectedly Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers
The ideal destinations for solo female travelers based on your travel style, some may surprise you! Click to see the full list and start planning an epic solo trip soon. #SoloFemaleTravel
a woman swimming with a humpback whale in tonga, indonesia text reads swimming with humpback whales in tonga
Swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga
Have you ever wondered how it feels to swim with humpback whales in their natural habitat? My recent freediving trip to Tonga helped me checked this off the bucket list. No words can explain the experience, but I am going to try anyway. #HumpbackWhales #T
the top ten things to see and do in peru, including mountains, rivers, and lakes
The 13 Best Hikes in Peru
9 travel bloggers share their favorite hikes in Peru. Planning for an adventure in Peru, but don't know which hiking trails are the best? This list covers popular trails, off the beaten path trails, easy, moderate and difficult hikes, plus secret tips, th
an advertisement for the vietnam backpacking route with four different destinations in each one image
The Ultimate Backpacking Vietnam Route Planner
The ultimate backpacking route through Vietnam, including stops in Hanoi, Hoi An, Sapa, Halong Bay and more. Practical tips for backpacking Southeast Asia. | Be My Travel Muse: Solo Female Travel Adventure Blog
a poster with the words venice and italy on it's side, in blue water
Greece vs. Italy – Which is Better to Travel To?
Comparing between Greece and Italy and want to know which country is the better option for your next European holiday? From things to do, safety, to culinary experiences and local cultures, this comprehensive comparison will help you decide which one to visit if you only have time for one. #Greece #Italy
the world nomads vs travel insurance info sheet is shown in red and white
Faye vs. World Nomads – I Tried Both to Find the Best Travel Insurance
An honest comparison between World Nomads and Faye travel insurance, after trying out and making real claims from both! If you are traveling soon and is shopping for insurance coverage, this article is a must-read - we have a clear winner but it's important to know why! #WorldNomads #Faye
a woman sitting at a table with the words dating as a solo female traveler what you need to know
What’s Dating Like for Women Who Travel?
Everything you need to know about dating as a solo female traveler. Is it possible? Can you have a healthy romantic relationship? All of your questions are answered in this post. #SoloFemaleTravel
a woman standing in front of a waterfall with the text how to pack carry - on only 7 best tips on minimalist packing
Minimalist Packing: How to Go Carry-On Only
Want to go minimalist in your travels? Start from packing light and carry-on only! Here are my best tips on traveling with carry-on only, from my 6 years of travel experience around the world. #CarryOnOnly #TravelPackingTips
a person on skis with the text 31 safety tips for solo female travelers from the experts
41 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone As A Woman
Is it safe for women to travel alone? This is a common question many people have asked me. I asked travel experts and here are 31 safety tips for solo female travelers that will help you have a better and safer solo travel experience. #SoloFemaleTravel