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Nothing is funnier than real love. That’s why Tel Aviv-based illustrator Yehuda Adi Devir creates hilarious comics about everyday life with his wife Maya.  Their romantic relationship is the subject of the “One of Those Days” comics.

'Marriage Life' Illustrator Finally Reveals Real Face

They are SO adorable!

Social media and the internet allow us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas with other people. We’re all interconnected today in ways we couldn’t imagine just ten or twenty years ago.

50 of the funniest tinder profiles that'll make you do a double-take

With so many choices these people made their profiles stand out in the best way possible.

Advertisements often boast sexy young women to market their product, but the truth is, all humans at any age and any size are beautiful. Society can often forget the stunning beauty of older women in particular, and one model is looking to change the way people see older women.

61-Year-Old Becomes A Swimsuit Model And Shares The Secret For Her Everlasting Beauty

This 61-year-old is not ashamed of her age or body. She's proof that age is just a number!

The two places where people can become most bored is at either home or at work. Next time you are bored don’t take a nap or go for a coffee break, get creative instead. Time magazine has highlighted studies that prove that boredom can spark creativity. These studies show that boredom can lead to daydreaming which then leads to creative ideas. Here are 55 examples that show how creative people can be when they get bored. Hopefully, these ideas might start your own creativity.

55 People Who Conquered Their Boredom In A Funny Way

They conquered their boredom in the funniest way.

Disney is known as the happiest place on Earth, and we all agree that it is quite a joyful place to be, especially for kids and families. However, it seems that Disney is not all about fun and magic as there are also unusual, weird, and hilarious sights that were captured on camera and shared online!

50 not so Disney moments caught on camera at theme park

Well, that's scandalous.

Throughout history, women have been conditioned to focus on their appearance. So much so that some women today still spend hours trying to look “beautiful.”  Many of us choose to go to great lengths to achieve this goal by spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and other products or causing ourselves physical pain (we’re looking at you high heels).

11 Problems That Every Women Can Relate To

These 11 illustrations perfectly capture everyday problems that women face. I especially relate to the one about 14-year-olds today vs. me when I was 14. When did 14-year-olds get so hip?

Rules, rules, rules. You can’t escape them. There are the rules of the universe that will win every time, like the sun will come up in the east and go down in the west.

50 hilarious times people skirted around the system to break the rules

Hats off to these brilliant minds.

Influencers are people on social media who have a lot of followers and as a result, are deemed as having influence over their followers. There are a lot of influencers on social media these days. And there are a lot of people who think that they’re influencers.

50 extreme lengths Instragram influencers will go to for the perfect pic

Some of these people are risking their lives all for a photo.

Modern fashion has always been a weird mix of beautiful clothing items and others that are completely bizarre. This list focuses on the bizarre. We’re not sure what these people and designers were thinking.

50 People Who Have Their Own Definition Of Fashion

If nothing else, at least they are rockin’ their own style.

Trashy people are everywhere around us, and no matter how hard we try to deny this fact, chances are, we’re going to run into some trashy people one way or another. For the most part, trashy people lack any depth and meaning in life and try to compensate for it with questionable behavior. These folks can sometimes be funny and make us feel better about ourselves, but on the other hand, they can be downright disgusting and give the whole humankind a bad name.

50 trashy people we can’t believe exist in this world

Suspect tattoos, cringe-worthy social media posts, questionable life choices... take a deep breath and plunge into the world of unrestrained trashiness.

According to all the stereotypes, men are supposed to be naturally good at repairs, construction, and moving furniture. However, the reality isn’t always that simple. They may try, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll get it done right – or safely.

50 times a man’s ego was too big for his own good

Men are expected to be capable of anything. That's a big expectation. Actually meeting it can take some real innovation - or something closer to insanity.

Kids are full of surprises. From the things that they say and the things that they do, they’re unpredictable.  They have a way of saying things that, even if they aren’t necessarily nice or even appropriate, are pretty hilarious.

Teacher collects strange and funny things said when parents aren’t around – here are 50 of them

These kids have some interesting thoughts! You just might cry from laughing!

Do you love finding photos that are funny, gross, or even sad? Do you love seeing photos that make you smile, laugh, or just loved in general?

70 Pictures So Strange We Couldn’t Explain If We Tried

Some things just amaze us in their weirdness.

Who doesn’t love watching movies, right? Going to cinemas and enjoying a great film with family, friends, loved ones or even by yourself can be stress-relieving. Out of excitement on watching a new movie, we sometimes tend to overlook certain details. Really seeing these details, had we paid more attention to them, would certainly turn the way we see the movie and would leave us totally bothered!

50 Things overlooked in movies that bother people

You won't be looking at the same movie twice after these 50 movie details!

Deciding to get married is definitely not an easy decision to make. It includes the careful selection of who you want to be with for the rest of your life, and if it’s this big of a deal, you might want to give it tons of thought and consideration.

75 hilariously accurate tweets about married life

Marriage is full of surprises... right?

On Instagram, they are everywhere. It’s very rare to scroll through and not see one. A girl who is perfectly posed, dressed and made up in the most basic way.  Listen, I’m not here to judge. We’ve all probably posted at least one similar photo. But for those of us who find basic girl Instagram photos to be a bit much, have we got something for you.

60 men who took posing like women to another level