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English/Language Arts

These English and Language Arts resources would be great for your classroom! Your students will develop great reading and writing skills with these Activities…
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Ask Me About It Speaking and Listening Activity
Help is On the Way Asking Questions Activity

Speaking and Listening

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Adjectives Size Worksheet
Adjectives Worksheet – Temperature
Using Abbreviation - Days of the Week Worksheet, students learn how to read and write the abbreviations for the days of the week.  First,look at what day is in the box. Next, write the abbreviation for that word. Make sure you use a capital letter and a period!  Challenge yourself by writing sentences using your new days of the week abbreviations.


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Finding Adjectives Camping Worksheet
Complete the Sentence with an Adjective Worksheet
Change the Adjective Worksheet


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Using this Adverb Worksheet - Where, students write adverbs to describe the verbs using questions as a guide. This worksheet teaches that adverbs describe where an action happens. First, read the sentences. Then, use the question to find the adverb in the sentence. Next, circle the adverb in the sentence. Once you have found the adverb, write it on the line provided. Challenge yourself to continue your practice with adverbs by writing a story using the adverbs that you found in the sentences.
Adverb Worksheets, Adverb Worksheet, Adverbs Worksheets, Free Adverb Worksheets, Adverbs Worksheet, Adverb Printables


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How to teach Alphabetical Order This Alphabetical Order Worksheet - To The First Letter will teach your students how to put words that don't begin with the same first letter in ABC order.
How to teach Alphabetical Order This Alphabetical Order Worksheet - To The Second Letter will teach your students how to put words that begin with the same first two letters in ABC order.
How to teach Alphabetical Order This Alphabetical Order Worksheet - To The Third Letter will teach your students how to put words that begin with the same first three letters in ABC order.

Alphabetical Order

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Analogies Worksheet: Complete each analogy using a word from the box. Information: Analogy Worksheet. Analogy, Analogies, Comparing. Language.
Word Lists, Word List, Words List, Free Word Lists, Printable Word Lists, Word Lists for Teachers, Word List for Kids, Sight Words List, Compound Word List, Phonics Word List, Dolch Sight Word List
Analogy Worksheets, Analogy Worksheet, Analogies Worksheets, Analogies Worksheet, Analogy Worksheets for Kids, Analogy Printables, Analogy Examples, Analogy Word List, Analogies Examples, Analogies Word List


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Antonyms Worksheet: Replace the underlined word in each sentence. Rewrite each sentence correctly. Information: Antonym Worksheet. Antonym, Opposite. Answer Key Included.
Antonym Worksheets, Antonym Worksheet, Antonyms Worksheets, Antonyms Worksheet, Free Antonym Worksheets, Free Antonyms Worksheets, Antonym Printables, Antonym Activities, Opposites Worksheets, Opposites Worksheet


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Find the Capitalization Errors Worksheet


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Compound Word List
Compound Words Matching Worksheet

Compound Words

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Contractions Crossword Puzzle
Contractions Activity
Snowman Contractions Activity


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Dolch Word List of Common Nouns
Dolch Sight Words List

Dolch Words

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High Frequency Words

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Homophones Worksheet: Choose and write the homophone for each sentence. Information: Homophones Worksheet. Answer Key Included.
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Homophone Worksheets, Homophone Worksheet, Homophones Worksheets, Homophones Worksheet, Homophone Activities, Homophone Printables, Free Homophone Worksheets, Free Homophones Worksheets


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Idioms Worksheet: Read the idioms below and write them into the correct blanks to complete the sentences. Complete the sentences. Information: Idioms Worksheet. Idiom Worksheet.


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Common or Abstract Nouns Worksheet
Respect Song - Audio
Noun Song - Audio


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Opposites Worksheet: Draw a picture of the opposite. Information: Opposite Worksheet, Antonym Worksheet. Antonym, Opposite.


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Parts of Speech

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Plural Noun Worksheet - Have Fun Teaching
Plural Noun Worksheet - Have Fun Teaching

Plural Nouns

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Prefix Barnyard Matching Activity


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Pronoun Worksheet - Have Fun Teaching


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Common and Proper Nouns Activity
Common and Proper Nouns Activity

Proper Nouns

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