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kids are playing with different colored liquid in glass bowls and making soapy water sculptures
Yeşil Renk Deneyi
paper cut out to look like watermelon and banana slices on a wooden table
Eşleştirme kartları #meyve #eşleştirme #kart
two children are playing with legos on a green table and one child is holding a cup
an image of fish in different colors on the same page, with numbers and dots to match
four different shapes are shown in the same square, each with one blue and yellow circle
shape-activities-2 - Funny crafts
various colored circles and stickers on a blue background
Kit Pedagógico Cubo Mágico No Elo7 93F
Montessori Color Matching Activity, Easy Coding Game for Toddlers
Atividade com bolas coloridas e sequência lógica
Jogo de combinar os números que pertencem aos marcados nos cartões. 😊