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someone is stitching the side of a white pillow with colorful bows on it,
an image of someones hand with beads on it
Pin, Bonbon, Clutch, Thread Work, Elsa
an embroidered pillow with flowers on it and a red cushion behind the pillow is a pink chair
a hand with pink and blue lace on it's fingers next to purple cloth
pink fabric with flowers and butterflies on it that says lenovoyants in white lettering
Ayso, Costura, Tiffany Heart, Paracord
a hand holding a piece of cloth with colorful flowers on the side and white fabric behind it
a person is holding some colorful flowers in their hand and it looks like they are crocheted
a purple pillow with flowers on it and the name jenny's written in cursive writing
a person's foot with colorful crocheted flowers on it and a white shirt underneath
some pink flowers are sitting on a purple and white table cloth with silver trimmings
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a white scarf with flowers on it and the date 4 th january printed on it
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to some thread and flowers