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Wtf!!! That ain't even right....there should be a rule only one person in the relationship can have a six pack..

The Best Pics Of Fitness Couples & Bodybuilding Couples: People without a workout partner beware! We've collected some of the best pics of fitness couples living and lifting together.

I like this article: "Well, I recommend that women train with weights that allow for at least 8 repetitions, but no more than 10. Once you can do 10 repetitions with any given weight, you increase it by 5-10 lbs, which will drop you to around 6-8 repetitions. You then work with that weight over the next couple of weeks until you can do 10 repetitions, move up in weight, and so forth."

Thank goodness for someone finally actually paying attention to how women really need to workout! The ultimate fitness plan for women makes lean, toned, sexy bodies.but is quite different than what most “experts” recommend…