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a river flowing through a lush green forest next to a large white rock covered hillside
Yellow rock at spac💛
More than you think✨🍃🍄🧚🏼
a blurry image of a person in a dark room
#photography #abandoned #abandonedhouse #demon #aesthetic
a hand is holding some green plants by the water's edge, with moss growing on it
Alien Moss||Earth
#UpstateNY #518 #photography #waterfall #moss #earth
an old stone wall with moss growing on it
Brick Wall||Photography||Waterfall
Eagle Mills,NY #UpstateNY #photography
a tall waterfall surrounded by lush green trees
Tallest waterfall in NY!
Katerskill Falls, Catskill Mountains
the sky is very cloudy and there are trees in the field behind it with clouds
Check out the view☀️
#upstateny #clouds
a man and woman walking down a path in the woods with wildflowers on either side
#adventure #boyfriend
a yellow flower sitting on top of rocks next to some water and leaves with the word hello written in it
#artinnature #nature
a view from the top of a mountain
Giant Ledge// Catskills🌲🍃
Hiking in ny! #upstateny #catskillmountains #hiking
an old rusty bicycle leaning against a tree in the woods
three people jumping in the air on a road
My girls!!
the sun is setting behind some trees and water in the foreground with no leaves on it
Sometimes the best views are just down the road... #upstateny
a woman sitting on the side of a road with her legs crossed and head down
an animal is standing in front of a black and white background with gold details on it's head