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Here are 75 pretty girls that shared their ugly selfies and the pics donโ€™t even look like the same person! Teen Fashion Outfits, Casual Outfits, Fashion Dresses, Casual Wear, Clothes Shops Uk, Ugly Selfies, Hobbies That Make Money, Viral Trend, Digital Art Girl

75 pretty girls share their ugly selfies & the pics can dupe anyone

These are definitely shutter-worthy.

Double standards can be annoying. They can also teach us about how we perceive the world (and what we might still need to work on). Sometimes they can even be funny, especially if you take them with a grain of salt.  Here are 35 double standard comics that we can definitely relate to. Silly Memes, Funny Memes, Viral Trend, Double Standards, Strike A Pose, Project Management, Casual Outfits, Salt, Fashion Dresses

30+ Double Standard Comics

Double standards can be annoying, but they're definitely a part of life. Here are 35 that we guarantee you can relate to.

Once in a lifetime moments are treasured like no other. Those experiences arenโ€™t always captured on camera but when they are itโ€™s definitely something to cherish. When you have that incredible moment on film you can look back on it whenever you please to enjoy it once again. Viral Trend, Once In A Lifetime, Kiss, Hilarious, The Incredibles, Content, In This Moment, Trends, Outfit

Man Captures Hilarious Moment Ostrich Chases Cyclists Down The Road

These ones going into the memory books for sure.

  Boho Outfits, Casual Outfits, Cassey Ho, Ideal Shape, Viral Trend, Perfect Body, Followers, Blogilates, Photoshop

Woman Uses Photoshop To Show How Sheโ€™d Look If She Had The โ€˜Perfectโ€™ Body Throughout History

This fitness influencer Photoshoped her body into the "ideal" form to show just how unattainable beauty standards can be.

With social distancing and quarantine, Motherโ€™s Day wasnโ€™t all that easy in 2020. However, that didnโ€™t stop some thoughtful daughters from coming up with a unique way to commemorate the day.  These daughters decided to recreate pictures of their moms from earlier years. The best part was that they chose to pose as their moms in the photos.  Some of the images are uncanny. Here are 40 of the best ones on the internet! Viral Trend, School Looks, School Photos, Strike A Pose, Old School, Casual Outfits, Daughter, Internet, Weight Loss

40 daughters recreate their moms' old school looks with astonishing results

These daughters were stuck at home, but that didn't mean they were going to forget Mother's Day. They still showed their moms they are always remembered.

Each year, millions of people dress up as someone they admire, something they find silly, or something that suits their personality. While most of us are less than mediocre when it comes to dressing up, these people are legends! Scary Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Acid Trip, Viral Trend, People Dress, Creative People, Strike A Pose, Best Dad, Personality

75 Creative People Who Take Halloween Very Seriously

These people take Halloween very seriously.

In Arvada, Colorado a convenience store clerk named Rebecca Montano was going through her daily routine workday at Alta Convenience Store while ringing up a customerโ€™s soda purchase when she noticed her expression changed strangely which is when she knew something wasnโ€™t right. Amazing People, Good People, Arvada Colorado, Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Convenience Store, Casual Outfits, Content, Health

Store Clerk Acts Fast To Save Baby When Mom Collapses From Seizure

In Colorado, a convenience store clerk was ringing up a customer when she noticed her expression changed which is when she knew something wasn't right.

In a video shared to YouTube four years ago, a tiny frenchie pup can be seen sitting on the couch behind a man. The pup is wearing a red bandanna that looks, quite frankly, adorable. Awesome Definition, Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Compliments, Pup, Casual Outfits, Dads, Content, Couch

Funny Modest Puppy Gets Shy When Dad Compliments Him

He knows he's the definition of cool in that bandana.

Whether they have long hair or short, guinea pigs are adorable little creatures. Native to the Andes mountains in South America, the Peruvian Long-Haired Guinea Pig is truly a sight to see. Their long, luscious locks are so beautiful that even humans would be happy to have a full head of guinea pig hair. Check out these 60 guineas and see for yourself just how incredible these little animals really are. Mountains In South America, Andes Mountains, Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Diet And Nutrition, Hair Day, Guinea Pigs, Casual Outfits, How Are You Feeling

60 Guinea pigs having a fantastic hair day

These guinea pig hairdos will leave you feeling jealous!

Being quarantined is no fun, or is that up to you? Sure, weโ€™re used to running around as we please, going from here to there with no worries in mind, but we can also find ways to enjoy life during this unprecedented pandemic. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve put together these 50 projects that can take your mind off of the self-isolation and put your body to good use.  Here are 50 DIY projects that will keep you busy during the quarantine Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Casual Outfits, Diy Projects, Content, Diet, Trends, Running, Board

50 Inspiring DIY projects people finally had time to finish during quarantine

These will keep you busy!

For Nick St. Onge, a police officer in Georgia, performing CPR on a two-month-old infant was what he was tasked with this day.  St. Onge responded to call about an infant that was choking.  As he pulls up to the scene, his dashcam and bodycam catch the entire incident on film. Cool Headed, Viral Trend, Dashcam, Strike A Pose, Police Officer, Georgia, Infant, Casual Outfits, Scene

Dashcam Captures Heroic Moment Cop Saves Choking Baby

Watch this cool-headed cop handle this situation perfectly.

A lot of people believe that another world or universe exists. Although that still needs to be scientifically proven, there are people who were able to find proof of its existence. Some of them even managed to take photos. Although itโ€™s hard to agree with them in a heartbeat, taking a closer look at those pictures will help you understand their perspectives better.  And with that, here are 50 unbelievable photos that seemed to be taken for a different universe. Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Heartbeat, Closer, Casual Outfits, Photos, Pictures, Universe, Content

50 People Who Found A Portal Into A Different Dimension

Apparently there can be glitches in the matrix.

The things these animals are doing look impossible! Some of them love yoga while others stand up like humanoids. When so much monotony in our lives, itโ€™s so refreshing to see delightful, yet surprising feats such as these. Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Funny Stuff, Casual Outfits, Funny Pictures, Hilarious, Content, Yoga, Diet

75 Animals Proving They Can Achieve The Inconceivable

The things these animals are doing look impossible! When so much monotony in our lives, it's so refreshing to see delightful, yet surprising feats.

Dogs and cats are famous for not getting along very well. Some people even have a strong preference for being a โ€œdog personโ€ or a โ€œcat personโ€. Either way, we can all agree weโ€™re pretty darn lucky to have pets in our lives. Speaking of, our pets can pick up some pretty interesting habits depending on their personalities and atmosphere. As for this fluffy husky named Tally, sheโ€™s got quite the character.  Meet Tally! Husky Names, Fluffy Husky, Viral Trend, Like A Cat, Strike A Pose, Very Well, Kitten, Casual Outfits, Humor

Husky Behaves Like A Kitten After Being Raised By Cats

This pup is purrrfect!

Dollar stores are full of great finds if you know where to look! With only a few dollars in your pocket, you can be able to get amazing items and turn them into fabulous and artistic pieces. Read on and see just how you can make the most of your dollar store escapade with these 59 clever dollar store ideas. Viral Trend, Strike A Pose, Dollar Stores, Clever, Casual Outfits, Content, Diet, Trends, Make It Yourself

59 Dollar Store Ideas To Make Your Home Organized And Cute

No one will ever know how little it cost.

We have collected 75 of these hilarious yet dangerously scary photos and situations of men who thought that their ideas would actually work.  Youโ€™d sure to laugh, gasp in disbelief, and even have many face palm moments but itโ€™ll be all worth it! Scary Photos, Viral Trend, Very Bad, Strike A Pose, Stunts, Palm, Casual Outfits, Hilarious, Content

75 Men who made very bad decisions

Share some of your bad decision stories!