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an image of people that are in the same group or type as they appear to be from different eras
Freefans and Cumbercollectives
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington. Mark Gatiss. Rupert Graves, Lara Pulver, Louise Brealey, Andrew Scott
a dog wrapped in a towel looking out the window with caption that reads, when you wake up from a map looking for food
sleeping on the couch
a woman looking at her cell phone while sitting in front of a mirror with another person behind her
Best Photobombs Funny Celebrity Pics
When Photobombs Attack: 11 Celeb Moments Guaranteed To Crack You Up #refinery29
an image of a page with text and pictures on the bottom right hand corner, in purple
oh my GOD yes!<<<< best thing ever!!!
a man in a suit sitting on top of a couch
constantly screaming
I am torn between wanting more Andrew Scott and thinking that the Moriarty arc is done with.
the tweet is being posted on twitter, and it appears to be someone's email
The fandom began to make clever deductions about how Moriarty's reappearance had come to be.
The fandom began to make clever deductions about how Moriarty’s reappearance had come to be. | The “Sherlock” Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct
two pictures with the same caption for christmas day 2012 and one has an image of a man in a suit talking on his cell phone
Sherlock producers have been asked by BBC to have the 4th season of Sherlock out by Christmas. The Last Bow brought in more than 13 million viewers.
the final season of game of thrones is shown in this poster, with many different faces
Radio Times Champion 2017
several different images of the same man
I lost it at three different places: "Conceal don't feel", "Shezza out", and "I'm telling mom". :D
a quote that reads i think the hardest part of losing someone, isn't having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them
Curiano Life Quotes
a man in a suit and sunglasses is looking at the camera
Mr. Holmes/Shezza
the doctor who is talking to another person
That face!
the screen shot shows an email message from john wabason on twitter, which appears to have been blocked
Just like a well fed hobbit is a happy one.
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HauteLook | Tory Burch: Celeste Silk Dress
Celeste Silk Dress
an image of the doctor who is talking to someone on his cell phone, and then he
And his eyes were open...
an article about the movie doctor who has been written in english and spanish, with pictures of doctors
a hand holding a piece of paper with writing on it that says, shelock workout 11
20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving
You would have to do A LOOOTTT of sit-ups...
an old man sitting down with his head in his hands and the caption above him
Kick me right in the feels, why don't you?>>> we once had a heart but now, it's shattered all over the place. (I've been informed I don't have a heart.)
an image of the screen with text on it and pictures of people in different places
I laughed so hard when I saw John's picture at the bottom!! Still laughing!
the faces of two men with different expressions
Sherlock. John Watson.
Cumberbatch Coffee Klatch
For a man who has always loved dancing his technique is incredibly sloppy.
two screenshots of the same person talking to each other
X. It’s what’s happening
a man talking on a cell phone with two circles around his head and the caption that reads, what is crazy? - district canon
Sherlock Holmes (@Moriartys_Crown) on X
I miss Sherlock...
a black and white photo of a man in front of a brick wall with his hand out
the movie poster for benedict cumberach playing shelock, with many different expressions
Soo, Now I have a Tumblr...
Benedict Cumberbatch on playing Sherlock.
the wedding party is throwing confetti at each other
Molly that is not the face of someone who as moved on.
an old photo of two people sitting on a couch with the caption, shelock, stop playing with the internet
"I mean, what, are we here to see the queen?" *Mycroft walks in* "Oh, apparently." *burst into giggles*
a man holding a blue ribbon in front of a group of people at an event
This photo!!
an image of the same character in winnie the pooh movie with caption that reads, but look at how cute she's thinking face is
Awww :)