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a wreath made out of shells and feathers on a wooden table with other items around it
a rabbit sitting in front of a wreath with flowers and feathers on it's head
a wreath with pink flowers and a bunny figurine
Spring wreath
an assortment of pink and white items are arranged in the shape of a wreath on top of a wooden table
a wreath made out of eggs and moss on a wooden board with an egg laying in the middle
Herz aus Moos 13 cm - Mrs Greenery
a wreath made out of branches and eggs on top of a wooden table next to a door
Marta Katowska on Instagram: "Winek z mchu , gałązek i kory 40 cm ..... #wianek #wianki #wianekrustykalny #wianeknaturalny #naturalnedekoracje #rustykalnywianek #rustykalnedekoracje #countrydecor #farmhousedecor #dopowieszenia #nadrzwi #recznierobione"
three pictures showing how to make a basket with yarn and paper flowers on the wall
DIY-Wandschmuck mit Trockenblumen