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an old paper with decorative designs on the edges, and a border in the middle
Medieval Invite Illumination by dashinvaine on DeviantArt
Medieval Invite Illumination by dashinvaine on DeviantArt
children are playing in the playroom with toys and decorations on display at the school
medieval party ideas
medieval part ideas | medieval party ideas
three colorful banners with horses on them
Rohan Banners by ThreeRingCinema on DeviantArt
Recently I've been working on these Rohan banners to put on display in my room. They were a little trickier than I imagined, but that was mainly because I had to draw out the designs and make sure ...
a black and white drawing of a fleur de lis
Cute Free Clip Art and Coloring Pages
cut out pieces of fabric and felt to make a knight's cross or shield
Quick & Easy No-Sew Knight’s Costume
an egyptian themed room is decorated with paper machs and clay pots on the floor
Egypt Decoration … | Egyptian crafts, Egypt crafts, Egypt decorations
an egyptian themed hallway with two columns and a clock on the wall behind it,
Made two "Egyptian Tomb Columns". Cardboard boxes and concrete tubes. Plastic dollar ice tubs for the tops. HVLP'd tan. Printed stickers and applied for details