Bulgaria's Thracian heritage - Loukovit treasure. 4th century BC.

Bulgaria's Thracian heritage: The Loukovit treasure objects were made in the century BC

Goths and Sarmatian, eastern Europe, 4th century AD, de Angus McBride

Godos y Sarmatas, Europa del Este, siglo IV dC, de Angus McBride

Thracian Treasures.

Rhytons with Centaur's Protome Silver,gildin II-I century BC. Ancient Thrace from Vassil Bojkov collection


Elkio Peltast, Lunar Balazaring Auxillaries, Great skirmishers, but will not close for close combat

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Тракийското съкровище край Летница, България/ THE TREASURE OF LETNITSA - Thracian treasures -

The treasure of Letnitsa has been found accidentally in It was covered by a bronze cauldron and at a distance of 7 or 8 m to one side of it a horse's rein was found

Esta obra de Radu Oltean creo que representa a un tracio... Más en

Thracian warrior by Radu Oltean

Treasures of the Odryssian Warriors The Odrissae Thracian Kingdom reached its most glorious time in the 4th C. B.C. The horsemen were the most important part of the Thracian army, its pride and glory. The exhibition showcases the best of the artifacts related to the life and battles of these famous warriors who defied Alexander the Great and his father, Philip the Great.

wrote: “First and foremost the Thracians, like wild beasts that have been kept caged for a long time, attacked with such a frenzy.