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a store front with an arched window and bicycle parked in front of it on the side of the street
Điêu khắc trang trí Lê Quốc Hùng 0903867889
Lê Quốc Hùng Art_0903867889 Sculptor decoration.
Lê Quốc Hùng Art_0903867889 Sculptor decoration.
the side of a tall building lit up at night
LED light: Walker Tower apartment building, New York - Work - Projects
Walker Tower, New York / USA
Jatmika SuryabrataJ
Jatmika Suryabrata
an open door on the side of a building with steps leading up and down to it
Triangles of light animate perforated aluminium facade of Tel Aviv home by Pitsou Kedem Architects
D3 House by Pitsou Kedem
the building is lit up at night and it looks like it has been designed to look like
Tấm ốp nhôm mặt dựng - Facade aluminum cladding | Austrong Việt Nam