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Duct tape prom apparel has been the rage among high schoolers hoping to nail a $10,000 scholarship and stand out at prom. Aspiring fashion designers have challenged their creativity for the past 18 years that the contest has been around.

Teen DIY Guru Creates Prom Dress From Trash Bags

Her video has been watched over 8 million times.

It happens: We all have pants that will eventually get trashed. It’s part of our ever-evolving closets and lives! But what if we told you that instead of getting rid of your pants, you can actually use them for 35 other wonderful projects? Well, you can. See some of your fabulous options here.

Use your old pants for these 35 DIY projects

Little did you know, these pants could be used as 35 other fabulous things!

Halloween is right around the corner, and most of us have already started decorating our homes with pumpkins, spiders, and whatnot. If you’re tired of the same old decorations every year, and if you don’t want to spend a fortune on stuff that you only use once a year, the following ideas might be up your alley!

Expert DIYer shares 65 creative Halloween decorations from dollar store that won’t break the bank

These decorations will ensure your house is a spooky hit for Halloween!

For photographers no matter whether they are amateurs or professionals, being in the right place at the right time can be crucial. The pictures collected here are absolutely mind

55 Extraordinary photos which are hard to believe aren’t Photoshopped

Here are 55 of the most amazing photographs of all kinds that have not been photoshopped and they clearly show the skills of the photographers

Upcycling has seen a big uptick in recent years. If you haven’t heard the word, you might be able to guess what it is from the context. Recycling means reusing something for the same purpose. Upcycling, on the other hand, means changing one object to serve a new purpose.

75 Ways To Upcycle Everyday Items With A Fun New Purpose

They are even better now than before.

We all have bad ideas from time to time, and that’s normal. Sometimes, we miscalculate our ideas, we don’t understand the dangers of the situation, and sometimes, these crazy ideas seem to work in our mind but turns out to be disastrous when executed.

75 Men who made very bad decisions

Share some of your bad decision stories!

Long gone are the days of simply planting your flowers in a boring pot and arranging them nicely on your porch. We’ve levelled up! There are tons of amazing and easy ways to spice up your indoor and outdoor decor with some unique planters.  Especially since we’re all going to be inside for the foreseeable future, we may as well take the time to breathe some refreshing plant-life into our homes.

60 Gorgeous ways to decorate with plants

Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are tons of ways to incorporate plants into your home.

When it comes to crazy outfits and glamorous get-ups, celebrities set the standard. With their designer dresses, gravity-defying hairstyles, glitzy selfies, and colorful costumes, they wow us all at galas, red carpet events, and awards shows.

Hilarious 10-year-old recreates crazy celebrity outfits with household items

There's a new cosplay queen in town

Coincidences happen all the time, but they’re usually small happenings like seeing an old friend right after thinking about them the day before. These 75 coincidences are anything but ordinary, and some are straight up mind blowing! If these were to happen to me, my first instinct would be the buy a lottery ticket since the odds of these things happening are so low!

75 Weird coincidences that make you look twice at the world

These coincidences really made me scratch my head!

The world we’re now living in has forced us to slow down, take a deep breath, and look outside (of ourselves). But what does outside even look like now that we’re all stuck inside?  Well, that’s what a new Facebook group, View From My Window, aims to find out. It was created to connect people from all over the world to the one thing we all have in common – the view we see every day outside our homes.

People from all over the world are sharing their ‘view from my window’ & it’s eye opening

With stunning views like these, is there any wonder people are opting to stay at home?

Think you’re having the worst day, or the worst year, ever? You’re not alone.  Just ask the guy who bought a discount loaf of bread, only to find out there are holes missing from the center of all of them.

50 sucky moments that’ll make you reconsider your ‘bad day’

Some people really do have the worst luck.

Coronavirus has everyone concerned about their health and the spread of disease. That’s why so many people are opting to wear face masks when in public. Some states have even made wearing a face mask in public the law.

50 people who spiced up their mask game so that it’s not boring

They give people A LOT to talk about.

It’s relatively common for young men to worry that someday, they’ll end up bald. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of guys without hair are more attractive to women. For them, that makes dating easier. Here are 15 specific reasons why dating a bald guy might be better.

15 Reasons Marring A Bald Man Might Be Better

There are some pretty good points made.

Have you ever experienced a time when you started out your day on a great note and suddenly, you come across something slightly annoying and your day goes downhill from that point forward? It may just be a tiny misaligned tile on the floor or a light that’s placed in the wrong way, but it bothers you so much to the point of frustration?

46 Slightly Infuriating Photos

Seriously, barbecue sauce in a shaker?

Dude With a Sign has taken the internet by storm. He’s a dude who posts pictures of himself on Instagram holding a sign with various phrases that basically say what we’re all thinking. He has 7 million followers on Instagram.

40 reasons why we all relate to the ‘Dude With a Sign’

He tells it like it is.

Photoshop can be quite the controversial subject sometimes. While it can sometimes be used correctly and in moderation, it can also be abused at other times. Extreme face-tuning, body re-shaping, and more happens in the celebrity world, but what happens when you take those extremes and… intensify them even more? James Fridman, What Happens When You, Wtf Funny, Laugh Out Loud, Fun Facts, Amazing Facts, Photoshop, Celebrity, Shit Happens

45 photoshop "requests" taken literally that will have you laughing out loud

Ask Photoshop pro James Fridman to work some magic and you might just get something that is absolutely bonkers.