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some heart shaped cookies are on a pink and white checkered tablecloth with hearts
Small Clay Projects
Small Clay Projects: Funky handmade trinket dishes Diy clay crafts Polymer clay crafts Clay art projects Clay crafts Clay diy projects Diy pottery painting
a black and white cat figurine sitting on the ground with its paw in it's mouth
The Best Gifts For Organized People | 2023
clay 🍉
a red plate with a green leaf on it and a face painted on the side
Strawberry clay tray. Resin coat to seal it.... - Depop
a hand holding a pink and purple plate with gold rings on it's face
jewelry tray 💜✨
three eggs in a polka dot ceramic dish on a white tablecloth with black dots
Clay ideas #clay#giftideas#clayart#diy #tutoral #clay #clayideas #handmade
three bowls filled with eggs sitting on top of a wooden table
These eggs love these products ❤️‍🔥
an evil looking blue and white object on a white cloth with a black hole in the center
Aesthetic evil eye ring dish!
three buttons with smiley faces on them sitting on a white sheet next to a card
three green cucumbers sitting on top of a metal surface next to each other
Pickle Magnet
It's a pickle magnet! And I made it out of clay 😁
two toothbrushes sitting next to each other in front of a brick wall,