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a crowd of people standing on the side of a road next to tall buildings and parked cars
Tours&Experiences | Good Living Hotel Bucharest
Queueing for food in Bucharest, July 1982
two women are standing at the counter in a restaurant and one woman is paying food
24 Pictures Examining Life in Communist Poland - History Collection
24 Pictures Examining Life in Communist Poland
several shelves with jars on them in a room filled with mirrors and other items,
Romania, Oferta din "Alimentara", 1988
Coada la lapte in 1989. Eastern Europe, Bucharest Romania, Romania Travel, Venues, Old Town, Socialism, Old Bar
Coada la lapte in 1989.
school children are lined up in front of a building with their back to the camera
Frumosi cuminti ordonati la scoala.
an old children's book cover with a cartoon girl running and holding a dog
a person is opening a green case on a black fence post and holding it in their hand
Označovač jízdenek MHD
the uniform is white and blue with gold trimmings, but it has a red ribbon at the neck
Communist childhood memories: costum de pionieri
an old advertisement for cl - co on the side of a building
Industrializarea Romaniei
Industrializarea Romaniei: decembrie 2011