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some cut out cookies sitting on top of a wooden table with white icing and stars
Turta dulce glazurata - reteta de Craciun - Dulciuri fel de fel
some food that is on a glass plate
Galuste cu prune din aluat cu cartofi
some kind of dessert that is on a plate with ice cream and syrup in it
Papanasi cu branza de vaci | Retete culinare cu Laura Sava - Cele mai bune retete pentru intreaga familie
a close up of a piece of cake on a plate with powdered sugar and berries
Pandispan cu piersici si visine pregatita de Ramona Dascalu
a white plate topped with donuts covered in crumbs next to a fork
Galuste cu prune (Gomboti) - Reteta traditionala | Laura Adamache
there are some blueberries on the plate and one is next to it with a spoon
Galuste cu prune (Gomboti) - Reteta traditionala | Laura Adamache
four sandwiches on a green plate with flowers
Prajitura cu mere
some sausages and tomatoes on a cutting board
Salam de casa ca la Arad și Nadlac sau vastagkolbász rețeta VIDEO
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a glass jar filled with peeled bananas on top of a wooden table
Ardei umpluti cu varza, pentru iarna
there are plums that have been peeled and placed on a white plate with red paint
Salata de sfecla rosie pentru iarna