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Gabriela Vacariu

Gabriela Vacariu
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tell me to stop if this gets annoying but I'm super sad and I figured posting to a cute couple board may help so I'm attempting bc I love them

Tengo miedo, mucho, y no es el tipo de miedo como cuando eres pequeño, es un miedo peor, más allá de simplemente sentirlo, tengo miedo de vivirlo, de que sea verdad, de que al final todo ello sea algo más que mi propio pensamiento... Tengo miedo de perderte.

Write this story "You will pretend to be in love with me. You will hold my hand. You will go quietly. Or I will kill you." He told me, I have no choice, so I hold his hand and lay my head on his arm and smile.

Here... Hold my hand

"You're selfless,kind, brave and very beautiful."- Vincent Flynn to Hana Ryu

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During a really bad week, Phil can sometimes be so out of touch with reality that he cannot even focus enough to tie his shoes. Roman and the others are all A++ friends, though, and help him out.