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the movie poster for romance starring actors from left to right, julia silver, and robert de niro
Gus Kondo on X: "“Escrevi e dirigi uma autoficção e vou colocar um véio gostoso pra me interpretar” Cronenberg 🤝 Almodóvar https://t.co/YLHBWOWcZu" / X
the keyboard shortcuts for photoshop is shown in blue and white on a black background
Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Shortcuts
#Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
an info sheet with different types of surfboards and their names on it's side
INSRT. on Branding Served curated by Packaging Diva PD. Album cover packaging patterns that are sure to inspire you.
the art of mixing typefaces
The Art of Mixing Typefaces - Google Fonts Edition. Use this chart to cross-reference the compatibility of typeface combinations. #typography
a sign that reads how the one - sheet poster points the way to social media success
My Life as a Blog | - Page not found
How the One-Sheet Poster Points the Way to Social Media Success . A one-sheet poster for an indie film displays at the same size as a blockbuster. You could make your poster smaller, but why not take advantage of the space? That's exactly what a lot of people do with social media. They could make their images look bigger, but they don't. Here's how you can do better.
an array of different colored papers on display
Clever Campaign for Minke Turns Movies into Paper Art
Beautifully boxed series of classic movies as paper art to promote Minke Papers.
a large poster with many different frames on it
ideas when hanging pictures - and I am going to keep this nearby for the next few months while figuring out how to add pictures to yards of bare walls in dining room, fireplace room and hall. Thanks, Marie! Home decor design
a cup and saucer sitting next to a puzzle piece
an image of the color chart for different colored pencils in various colors and sizes
Reconnect Your Domain | Wix.com