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an aerial view of a building with the letter g in it's center surrounded by green grass
The Masonic Children's Home of Georgia. The largest Square and compasses in the world. It can be seen from space.
a close up view of the logo for an upcoming video game, as seen in this image
Account Suspended
Savez Ujedinjenih Velikih Loza Srbije , The Alliance of United Grand Lodges of Serbia. Freemasonry , Slobodno zidarstvo , Srbija, Freemason
a black and white photo with the words speak with honesty think with sincerity act with integity
an envelope with the words, the best decision i ever made was to be a mason
A decision was made.
the logo for activated by light c, which is gold and black with an ornate design
a wooden shelf with books on it in the shape of a triangle
#Masonic bookshelf
a quote from robert herbert about how to be freemasary is not about how good of a man you are
More Masonic Inspiration. Freemasonry, Masonry, Freemasons, Living Stones Masonic Magazine.
an image of a masonic symbol on the back of a cell phone
Masonic Rings - Custom, Gold, Silver, Diamond & More
Masonic Skin for iPhone 4/4S -
an eagle with a crown surrounded by other symbols
Freemasons Of The World
Scottish Rite degrees from Freemasons of the World's FB page
the inside of a church with blue and white tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling
Grand Lodge of Japan - Tokyo