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three images of different shapes and sizes of objects in the same color scheme, with text below
Willy and Nelly the whale cousins -
Willy and Nelly the whale cousins amigurumi pattern by LittleAquaGirl
a crocheted coffee cup with a small stuffed animal in it's hand
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tea cup amigurumi pattern More
the instructions for how to make a crocheted doll's eyes and eyelashes
Как вышить глазки куколке амигуруми
Embroidery Amigurumi Eyes - Russian Phototutorial here:
crochet octopus mobile pattern with instructions to make it look like an octopus in the ocean
Crochet Amigurumi Jellyfish with Free Pattern
#Crochet Jellyfish with Free Pattern
three crocheted baby ducks are sitting next to each other on a wooden surface
Baby T-Rexes in eggshells are a perfect Easter basket gift! Available in my…
the frog stuffed animal is sitting on its back with four legs and one foot, while another
Fritz the Frog -
Fritz The Frog Amigurumi Pattern
an open book with two pictures of owls on it and the title in red text reads,
Download wonderful crochet patterns!
Amigurumi Fox Bookmark crochet pattern
two crocheted birds are standing next to each other with the caption'buenos dias abriquensee bien '
Curious crow – free amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today
Curious crow - free amigurumi pattern
a crocheted doll with a knitted hat and sweater holding a stuffed animal
Molly Doll crochet pattern - Amigurumi Today
Amigurumi Molly Doll - Free Crochet Pattern - English Version