1020835 - ¿Cómo serían los pokémon si fueran personas? Artista fan de Pokémon Go lo hizo

1020835 - ВїCГіmo serГ­an los pokГ©mon si fueran personas? Artista fan de PokГ©mon Go lo hizo

Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir awww this is soooo cuuute i dont watch it but bc of this i might actually

I watched her... 'Poor Amy, she was so exhausted from the party last night' - through Charles's mind

Yet the best fanart of shinaya i've ever had!{}{} dis is amaziing Tags : Mekakucity actors, kagerou project, Shintarou kisaragi, Ayano tateyama, Shinaya

Yeah and nothing makes me sadder than Adad Winchester and Johd Winchester and Mard Winchester

Steven Universe - Pearl + SPEEDPAINT by maricaripan

My first actual fan art of Steven Universe? And also, probably the longest fan art I've done lmfao. I really LOVE Pearl.

Can we talk about Yuri's mad skills? He takes his glasses off and hands them to someone else on at least two occasions with no time for contacts. This boy literally skates blind and knows exactly where he is on the ice at all times.