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two posters with the words we see us and an image of a woman
a woman is playing with her dog in the snow
Dancing with the snowflakes
Mia & Kiro
the sun is setting on an empty road in the middle of snow - covered hills
Somewhere in Romania
Te-am plăcut în fiecare
Te-am privit în mii de feluri
Te-am plăcut în fiecare
an old door decorated with wreaths and decorations
The door
Behind the door
a woman with curly hair wearing a fur coat and smiling at the camera in front of snow covered buildings
Your eyes
Beautiful Mia
a person holding their hand up to their ear
Your hand playing in your hear
Your hand playing with your hear
a dog laying in the grass with its head on it's paws
KIRO - just a friend
Vânturătoarea waterfall
Vânturătoarea waterfall
a small white dog with its tongue out
a white dog with his tongue hanging out looking at the camera while wearing a red and black necktie
a pine tree branch with a quote about the music is so virtual for the enthusiast if it want't the sound would paste and die in time
red and white flowers are in the foreground against a blue sky with green grass
a red rose surrounded by white daisies and other flowers in the sunbeams