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Mettez en valeur votre vasque à poser dans cette très belle salle de bains black and white

Smart indirect lighting helps the smoothly textured and monochromatic bathroom feel bright and welcoming without becoming overwhelming. It seems like a nice, relaxing place to wind down with a hot shower after a busy day.

Calabasas moldings with LED lighting shown installed as a baseboard treatment; creative baseboard lighting ideas; modern molding inspiration

'Antonio' Uplighting Coving used as an LED skirting board. Visit our online uplighting coving shop for UK wide delivery. Free delivery on orders over

Atelier Zafari.Architecture | apartments and townhouses 46 LED dans placards et plafonds pour structurer l'espace

wall and concrete ceiling - breakthrough the concrete to insert lightning stripe - gives rythme elegance to the corridor // apartments and townhouses 46 by Atelier Zafari Architecture