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I think I'm in the dance room more than I'm at home......
Hip Hop Dance
Dear boys who are considering doing ballet: Don't worry about being made fun of, ballerinas will like you.
Kara Shriver - Hip Hop Dancer | Kara Shriver | Las Vegas, NV  Born and raised in South Florida, Kara has always had a passion for the arts, beginning with her strong gymnastics background as a level 6 gymnast. At age 15, she began specializing in aerial arts, hand balancing, and acrobatics under the instruction of Russian Circus Legend Evgueni Baranok. She was a dance major at Dillard Center for the Arts.
Dancing shows your true nature
I Just Want to Dance - this is how I feel every night after Irish dance class
55 Just Gorgeous Dance Photo Manipulation Artworks
Street Dance