[ 25.oct.2012, King Michael's 91st birthday ] [ Queen Marie and 18 months-old prince, 9 sept.1923]

Queen Marie of Romania and her grandson, future King Michael

Romania - old photos Romanian traditional folk costume

thevintagethimble: “ Romanian Folk Dress Various photographs depicting Romanian old folk costumes from late Century and early Century.

Romanian Women's costume, county of Sibiu, zone Rupea;  White linen underskirt (poale) with a row of embroidery on hem and edged with white crochet lace. Gathered front apron (Şorţ ) made of blue fabric and edged with black crochet lace on the side edges and a black silk frnge on the hem. Back apron (catrinţă) is a single width of black woven material with horizontal woven stripes in red and gold thread, with interleaved floral embroidered motifs in red and blue. edged with black crochet…

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