Halloween Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Christmas DIY: fall party complete fall party complete with family games and menu- they had to come up with something different.imagine bobbing for the same apple that someone bit off.Never thought of that stuff as a kid!

Labor Day Weekend Activities

Come on down here and fish the beach with a bottle of wine, a sunset and a friend. Would love to do this one day, fishing in Florida!

Summer Camp Options for Kids

Cool Summer Camps for Adults - Country Living: this is a real thing. No more camp counseling for me.from now on, I'm the camper again.

Unique Summer Evening Activities

Drive-in movie theaters. This image from LIFE magazine for a showing of The Ten Commandments. (The drive-in in Las Vegas is still open and doing well).

2014 Resolution: Not to drive co-workers mad ,

Project management can be stressful, and you mightn’t even realise that there are ways to make the process more effective. In fact, these issues that you haven’t noticed could be costing your business time and money.

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